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Ballsy! is an isometric, sprite-based footy game I'm working on right now, as a hobby. It's going to be way simpler (smaller in scope) than Gameplay Football.

Gameplay Football (DISCONTINUED! thanks my friends for all the support over the years :)) is my attempt to bring back some of the charm of the era of the more 'direct' footy game. The current downloadable version is Public Beta 2, in which you can play matches against the CPU or with/against friends. Using a gamepad is highly recommended (but not mandatory). Since it's a beta, there may be bugs, but it should be pretty playable.
System requirements:
Linux 64 bits, or Windows
OpenGL 3.2 compliant GPU
Dual core CPU or better

download_icon Public Beta 2 v0.2, Windows binary
download_icon Public Beta 2 v0.2, Linux bin. 64 bit
linux library woes - tips

Release date of final version 1.0?
The project has been cancelled, I'm sorry. The source so far is downloadable here. The beta is pretty playable and moddable though, you can play single games against/with human or cpu. For a more 'weighty' feeling for the players, I suggest lowering the agility/acceleration sliders in the gameplay submenu a bit. Gives it a more modern feel, if you like that. Have fun :)